Hot Sauce with Heart

We believe that a great meal can only be made of good ingredients with love and dedication. Our hot sauces are made from natural and fresh ingredients. Each of Saucy flavors has its own story and identity.


Cooking with love and dedication

Cooking has help people rejoice. We believe that each meal is an opportunity to make a room for more joy and connection in our everyday lives. Food is a medium of sharing our affections. Every meal can be an opportunity to explore our relationship with food as well as with our relationship with people, our community, and ourselves.

The delight to be found in food is boundless and that delight is our passion. Our hot sauces are created with love and dedication that can transform a good meal into an extraordinary meal that brings joy to our hearts.

Every sauce is created to enhance your everyday meal. Isn’t it amazing how can a small amount of sauce transform a good meal into a great one?

Saucy is created to bring more pleasure and joy to everyday meals.


Fresh and Real Ingredients

Our hot sauces are handmade with fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits.


Saucy Natural Preservation

Our hot sauces are preserved using the old and proven method of preservation.


A Chef’s Life LLC

Saucy is a line of Sauce by A Chef’s Life LLC, founded by Chef Amy Coram Reynolds. Our hot sauces are created by hand in Florida.


About Chef Amy Coram Reynolds

Chef Amy Coram Reynolds curator of Saucy Hot Sauce


Chef Amy Coram Reynolds is the curator of Saucy hot sauces. At the age of 14, she started working in the restaurant industry. She graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. For the past 12 years Chef Amy has been working in kitchens all over the U.S.

As a chef, her love language is food. She derives immense joy from feeding people she loves. Spending time making a meal is what makes her happy. She makes meals easy for busy families with a commitment to collaboration over competition. She loves mentoring women in culinary arts, and community.

Saucy was born at the time of the pandemic. Chef Amy was inspired to share her love of travel and exotic foods through Saucy.

She aims to curate more flavorful sauces in 2022 and in the years to come.